If you are looking for a church of balance, rooted in tradition yet relevant in today’s world, then the LOC is for you. We value our Lutheran roots, but joyfully embrace the future.

Is this church part of a denomination?
Yep. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Do I have to be Lutheran to attend your church?
Nope. We welcome EVERYbody – sinners and saints, non-believers, big-believers, and every person and religion in between.

What are your Sunday services like?
Casual and filled with praise. We sing, we pray, we share the Eucharist, we enjoy the blessings of everyone together. We laugh, we cry. Sometimes the kids dance, color, fuss or do whatever kids do. Worship at the LOC is open to God’s work in our midst. So yeah, it’s always evolving.

Roger-PhotoWho is your pastor?
Our pastor is the Rev. Roger L Rinker, aka Pastor Roger, aka ‘Super Dude’
He looks better in person.
Come and see!

What is the space like where you meet?
Hmmm… It’s a lot like a school. Oh, wait it is a school. We meet at New Market Elementary School in New Market, Maryland.

How can I help support this ministry?
Pray without ceasing. Or join us on Sundays. Or make a financial gift. Or do all three!

Are there children at The LOC?
Yes! We have lots of kids. And we love baptisms, so bring on the babies!

What are this community’s practices around the Eucharist?
We have an Open Table at the LOC, which means that everyone is invited to receive the bread and wine at communion which for us is the body and blood of Christ. This is Christ’s table, and he calls to all of us, without exception.

Why should I come to the LOC?
There are any number of different reasons people come to the LOC. Here are a few.

  • They’re looking for a new way to do church in a postmodern world.
  • They’re looking for a connection to a community that cares about them.
  • They are believers from other denominations looking for a fresh start.
  • They want to worship in a place where kids can be kids.
  • They want to worship God in a community that doesn’t ask them to stop being who they are.